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Module templates for 2020-21

After the rapid switch to online learning and teaching in the Easter term, staff and students have learned a lot about what is possible as well as what it like to be an online learner and teacher. Based on these …

Keeping student data safe

Third party apps – keeping your data safe

On the 28th of January we held our first meeting of the  DCAD Education Lab Journal Club. It was nice to see a few faces from outside DCAD in attendance too. The discussion was based around two articles:

  1. McKie, A

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Every University has a contract-cheating problem

By Dr Malcolm Murray

Head of Digital Learning

That was the stark take-away from last week’s UK Turnitin User’s Summit (#TurnitinSummit19) held at the Baltic, Gateshead. Call it “ghost-writing”, “contract cheating”, “using essay mills”  or just “buying essays”, …

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Content has lost it’s crown: communication is now king/queen

By Dr Malcolm Murray

Head of Digital Learning

As October drew to a close, I headed down to Keele University to the 2019 Keele Digital Festival. This was organised by Keele University’s Institute for Innovation and Teaching Excellence – KIITE