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Inclusive Fieldwork

Fieldwork involves going on a trip to explore something relevant to a module. The idea behind fieldwork is to give students some practical experience of something which has been explored more theoretically elsewhere on a module.   When taking students on fieldwork, it is important to remember that the needs of individual

Giving Feedback Using Screencasts

Giving good, impactful feedback to large classes can be difficult. One possible solution is the delivery of audio and visual feedback using screencast technology, which provides students with the opportunity to receive personalised feedback in an easy-to-follow and comprehensible way.   The key benefits of feedback using screencasts include reduced typing, avoiding having to

Blog-based Assessment

Blogs are web-based platforms that host multiple posts, either from a single person or a group.  They can be key to assessments that involve: reflection; a prolonged group or individual project; development of writing and digital communications skills; content presented through a range of media. The use of tools such as blogs