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Working as a University Campus Ambassador for a Company

At some point in your time at Durham, you may have logged into the careers portal and seen an advert for a role as a university ambassador, be it a role as a Durham Student Ambassador, or even as an ambassador for a top law or accountancy firm. These roles often pay reasonably well and also offer students a chance to make meaningful use of their time and make great connections with firms. To read more about being a Durham Student Ambassador read my other blog Working As A Durham Student Ambassador (DSA).

In this blog I am talking to Fatima Ibrahim (F) who is a current second-year Finance student from Dubai and is at Stephenson College. She currently works as a Campus Brand Ambassador for Deloitte, which is one of the top 4 Accountancy firms in the UK. Here she gives insight into her role as well as top tips and advice!

Q: What exactly does your role entail you to do on campus?

F: My main responsibility is to promote the Deloitte brand to students by providing more information about Deloitte as well as building relationships on campus that could benefit their brand. I act as an intermediary between the company and the students by providing resources and also receiving feedback and improvements for Deloitte’s Marketing Team. This helps students get more information about job opportunities and helps Deloitte improve.

Q: Do you get any support from the university in your role even though you aren’t a Durham Student Ambassador (DSA)?

F: Yeah definitely! My role involves promoting different events organised by Deloitte at Durham University, and so advertising on personal and societies’ social media is crucial. Some societies have given me the opportunity to advertise on their Facebook page and communities like the Accounting and Finance society and Durham Women in Business have been so helpful! The Careers and Enterprise Centre at the University has also been very supportive in providing information on career events I can promote Deloitte at. This has been useful in creating awareness about the opportunities at Deloitte as many of their members look and aspire to work at one of the Big Four firms like Deloitte.

Q: Do you face any challenges in your role promoting Deloitte on Campus?

F: Like any job there are struggles and one main one is in creating enough buzz and directing attention for the company as many societies prefer to only advertise those that sponsor them, which creates obstacles to reach my goal. Nevertheless, there are still societies that help as I mentioned before.

Q: What is the best part of your role?

F: The whole experience is exciting, it places me out of my comfort zone as I need to go that extra mile to direct attention towards the brand. The best parts involve building relationships around campus and thinking of creative ways to highlight the brand.

Q: How did you find the role?

F: The Careers and Enterprise Centre is honestly so important! The role was advertised during summer on the university’s careers vacancy bulletin, which we receive weekly. Deloitte was actually one of the few companies that look for a campus ambassador at Durham University. I would recommend that students looking for roles around uni or to do with marketing a brand is to look at the bulletin but also visit the website such as, who works with companies to find campus ambassadors and interns in different universities.

Q: Why would you recommend the role:

F: As a second-year student, my academic responsibilities have increased significantly compared to the first year, this role caters to this change by having flexible hours. The tasks of the job are predictable, each term you are given a structured plan of the tasks and the hours allocated for each one. It is also great work experience, you gain different skills like communication, organisation and creativity and you get paid as well!

For more information about opportunities at Deloitte clink on this link

Visit the careers portal to view on-campus jobs.


Seun Onalaja

Hi! My name is Seun Onalaja and I am a third-year Accounting & Finance student from Stephenson College. I am from Lagos, Nigera originally. I am currently on my placement year working with L'Oreal in London. I am a keen photographer and ran @thedurhamstudent Instagram account las year!

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