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Winter in Latvia

I want to tell you a bit about winter in my home city Riga which is the capital of Latvia. In Latvia we usually have all four seasons: hot summer, beautiful autumn, cold winter and very nice spring. During winter it is normally snowing and it may become -25 degrees. This year the coldest temperature I met was -26 which was quite cold.  People ask me how do we survive in such cold weather, but if it is -10 or -15 it does not really feel so cold as it looks and also I used to wear 3 jumpers and many tights, that’s one of the ways you can survive somehow :D! Another way is to try to be less outside!  In these pictures you can see my city during the winter and how beautiful it is.







About my time during the holidays in such cold weather. So first two week before new year I was organising New Year party which I usually spend with my friends. Christmas Eve, which for me is Christmas Eve, which for me is the same date as here in England, 24th of December because I am Chatolic, but majority celebrate Christmas on 6th of January, because there are many Russians in Latvia and their religion is Orthodox.  On Christmas Eve I had a dinner with my family and we played different games together.  In the morning we open presents from Santa!!!

In between spending my time with friends, organising New Year and family, I’ve been trying to study, to be sure that I remember everything from the first term!  I think that every person can find a free 2 hours a day to spend for studying, and trust me it will benefit you in exams!!!!
I really like skiing but this year I could not go to Austria or Italy. However, we have our own “mountains” which are not so big as in Alps, but you can ski for 2 hours! So if it is snowing people either go skiing or skating! I like both but at different times!

In addition to all these I just like walking in my beautiful city and enjoy holidays with my friends, because I don’t see them so often as they are in different universities across the world!


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