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What’s it like sharing a college room?

Hi there, my name is Kitty (the one on the right) and I am currently studying Geography having just finished first year! I love doing sports and am involved in the hockey, netball, tennis and rounders clubs at Trevelyan College. I also love to travel and will hopefully do a year abroad in the third year of my degree.

For us, it was an easy way to make friends super quickly, particularly in a year where COVID-19 limited our social interactions with other people. Having a roommate opens up a whole new group of friends, who you may never have thought of being friends with if your roommate had not introduced you to them.

When we heard from college who our roommate would be, we got in contact with each other and exchanged socials. We introduced ourselves and began to get to know one another. On the day when we moved into college, we went down to the nearest supermarket together and got some essential snacks and drinks, which was a great way to get to know each other without anyone else around.

We got ready for matriculation together and immediately realised that having a roommate meant there was a whole other wardrobe we could use (obviously ask your roommate before you take their clothes!). We have both felt that having a roommate has been really comforting. There is always a person to talk to and be there for any support you may need, but they are also someone who you are able to sit in silence with when you want to relax, as there is no pressure to be continuously in conversation.

In hindsight, we would suggest before you get to college, to talk to your roommate, not only does it mean you won’t be going in blind but you can also sort out things that make sharing a room much easier – you only need one drying rack between the two of you, for example! Additionally, what made living together easier (especially in a year where all our classes were online) was remembering things like headphones and earplugs as one of you may be working or on zoom, while the other isn’t. This does not hinder you from being able to work efficiently, in fact, we found it comforting as well as encouraging to work in a room with someone else there.

Overall, we have absolutely loved sharing a room and we now have a bond that we don’t believe could have been achieved any other way. We have both made a friend for life and we know that next year, despite living in different houses, we will find ourselves in the other one’s house because we miss each other’s company too much.

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Kitty and Becca

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