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durham-game-blog-picAfter taking part in the first Durham Business Game last March, I was inspired to get involved in Entrepreneurs Durham, the society that organises the event. I would like to share the experience that myself and my fellow students had whilst competing in the Business Game, and encourage anybody who is interested to get involved in the upcoming edition.

To give you an insight, I have interviewed two of last year’s competitors, Colombe and Molly, about their experience of the event.”


Why did you apply to compete in the Durham Business Game?

“ I wanted the opportunity to gain a first hand insight into what it is like to work in four highly accredited organisations and also felt that it would be great opportunity to network expand my skills that potentially win a prize that would aid my career. With the intention of going into consultancy finding out that PwC were going to be at the games excited me because it gave me some first-hand experience with the company. Equally though, having been a first-year student at the time, I was eager to try out different sectors of business therefore being challenged by WPP, Unilever and Asda Walmart seemed beneficial in terms of refining my future options. “

What was the most challenging part of the weekend to you?

“ For me it was the requirement to really think out of the box and to be innovative. To begin with, I found it difficult filtering through a wide range of information in order to deliver a concise strategy in a limited time period, but I know that it’s a vital thing to learn because completing tasks under pressure is the reality if you strive to work of a lot of the top graduate employers.”
What skills do you think you gained from taking part?

“Time management, because you really have to prioritise each task to ensure that you get through all of the relevant stages of the challenge within the timeframe in order that you don’t fall behind.Additionally it helped build my team working skills as we were working with people we only met on the day and had to be able to efficiently delegate tasks within the team and still bring everyone’s contributions together as one. Also, those that got through to the final round of the projects had the opportunity to pitch in front of the representatives of the companies that were hosting challenges and all the participants, which I think was daunting but an important and transferable skill. “

What was the most rewarding aspect of the weekend for you? durham-business-game-smal-pic

“I think the challenges themselves were the most rewarding. It was really interesting to work with different groups of people on different scenarios and I found it really exhilarating to see our ideas brought together to form solutions to the issues the four companies presented us with.”

Would you recommend the Durham Business Game and why?

“Yes I really recommend the Business Games to all current students. I found all of the challenges incredibly interesting and I also thought it was a great opportunity to network and get your foot in the door with multinational corporations. It is also an experience that I’ve been able to put on my CV, and now when I’m asked to quote scenarios during my internship and placement applications, I’m finding being that I can refer back to the work that I completed over the weekend which is incredibly beneficial.”

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Isabella Ferros

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