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Taking an Elective Language Module

Reasons why I would seriously recommend taking an elective language module by someone who takes French Stage 4 (post A Level) alongside English literature degree at Durham University.

Everyone in your class is taking it as an elective. You’re not in a politics module and some of the other students are politics undergrads and immersed in politics every day. You all study something different and the class is designed for that.

Take a Break!

It’s a break from all your other modules. Ever wondered if you would get a bit bored just doing one subject? But equally didn’t want to do liberal arts or a joint honours degree? Then look no further! Elective modules are a great way of taking a break from your other subjects. They’re taught differently, they’re assessed differently and it means you can break up your work outside of contact hours with another subject.

Learning a language is always going to be a useful skill, and it’s open to everyone no matter what level you are. You can take up a language completely from scratch! So while one year of beginner’s Arabic is never going to make you fluent, it’s a pretty cool skill to have and to put down on your CV.

Meet New People

You actually get to meet people in your seminars and get to know them. Lots of lesson time is spent talking in your chosen language on various different topics. This means you get to interact with your fellow classmates, and in the seminar setting it’s much easier to chat and actually get to know other people – even if you do chat in English! Making new friends with the people you see twice a week for language seminars makes a refreshing change from my other contact hours.

Why not give it a go? I doubt you would regret it and you could always switch if you really hated it!

The Centre for Foreign Language Study (CFLS)

CFLS deliver language learning opportunities to 2,000 language learners, including students and researchers at the University, as well as to University staff, those who use second languages at work, and the general public.

It is our philosophy to encourage language learning as widely as possible, and for a variety of purposes. Anyone who wishes to learn a language, for whatever reason, should be able to do so. We aim to deliver a broad portfolio of language courses, and work collaboratively with other language centres in UK universities, and are a member of the Association of University Language Centres of the UK & Ireland (AULC).  If you want to find out more about taking an elective language module, have a look at the CFLS webpages here.

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