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Studying abroad in Malta


I applied to study abroad for a number of reasons, the main one being that I knew it would look excellent on my CV and improve my employability. I also knew that living abroad on my own for a year was something that was out of my comfort zone. It would give me the next level of maturity and self-sufficiency, it would broaden my wordly experiences, and it would develop both my academic and my social skills.

University of Malta residence

University of Malta residence

I would be in a foreign environment with the chance to involve myself with local people, surrounded by a language and cultural traditions that were alien to me. As I missed out on the ‘gap year experience’, this was an extremely exciting concept. The year would also allow me to begin research and planning for my dissertation in a perfect setting for an anthropology student.

It is impossible to choose one thing – or even a top five – that were the best parts of Erasmus. I made many new friends from all over the world, not just Malta.

Erasmus outing

Erasmus outing

I had the opportunity to study my subject from an entirely different perspective – namely, a southern European one. The activities and adventures in Malta were endless. We went ziplining over the ocean, cliff jumping, hiking, visited ancient temples and catacombs. I even took a day trip to Sicily by ferry. And of course, it wasn’t half bad living on the beach!


Blue lagoon

To anyone sitting on the fence, the only thing I can say is DO IT! Any holdbacks or hesitations that you may have will very quickly seem ridiculous. Once you are there, all it takes is to join in with everything. As the old saying goes: Work hard, play hard. You are guaranteed the best year of your life.


Ella Spencer

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