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St Chad’s College – Small but mighty!

St Chad's College Durham

Established in 1904, St Chad’s is one of the oldest colleges in Durham. We are conveniently located on the Bailey, right opposite of the Cathedral, and less than a 5 minute walk away from Durham’s historic city centre. Most years, students at Chad’s achieve among the highest academic results in Durham. With 350 undergrads and 150 postgrads, Chad’s deliberately remains a small, human-sized and tight-knit college, at the same time as having the highest concentration of research staff and library resources in Durham.

Our official college motto is ‘non vestra sed vos’, meaning it’s not about what you have, but who you are. Our unofficial motto is ‘small but mighty’.

So much to do

St Chad's College SportHowever, academics are only one part of what college life is about at Chad’s. College offers a whole host of opportunities and events, much of which are run by students for students, so you’re bound to find something that catches your interest. Chad’s has its very own theatre company (Green Door Theatre), it’s own jazz band (Chazz band), and offers a wide selection of sports with notoriously high participation rates (it’s not unusual to dabble in as many as 3 or 4 different sports, where enthusiasm matters more than skill). We have our own gym as well as our own chapel, with regular services as well as choir.

St Chad’s busy social calendar

St Chad's diningFormals happen twice a week, where you have the option to dress up and enjoy a three course meal. You can even work behind our student-run bar, which serves both drinks and toasties. Our social event calendar is always packed, from bops and themed formals to Chad’s Day, where we shamelessly flaunt our college spirit, and not to mention Candlemas, the biggest ball of the year. Regular talks from our ‘Perspective’ series bring in speakers to discuss a wide range of current topics.

Charitable Chad’s

As a socially minded college, there are numerous volunteering activities on offer and charity events that happen regularly. To find out much more about St Chad’s, its opportunities, its latest news and some faces you’ll meet when you arrive, hop on over to our website:

St Chad's My name is Hilaire, and I’m originally from Hong Kong. I am now entering my third and final year of studying Combined Honours in Social Sciences, with a focus on Politics and International Relations. I go to St Chad’s College, where I’m serving as JCR President this year. In my free time, you’ll find me dabbling in college sport, or down at the college bar probably munching on a toastie.


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