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Shoot hoops with the Women’s Basketball Team

Hi, my name is Samantha Bagulay and I am captain of the Durham W2’s basketball team. Being part of the university team has changed my whole uni experience for the better. The team are some of my closest friends and win or lose, I know they are always there for me.

Through playing basketball, I have travelled all around the country for games, from Leeds to Liverpool, Bangor to Edinburgh and everywhere in-between. It’s great to see places I wouldn’t ordinarily visit and I am proud to represent my uni doing something I love. We also went on basketball tour to Prague last year, giving us the opportunity to play European teams of a high standard and explore an amazing city! The trip was so much fun and brought me even closer to my teammates.

Nevertheless, it is hard to top a home game as we often have large crowds to support us. Nothing beats having your favourite people cheer you on from the side-line – especially when you pull off a win!

Being part of the team, particularly as captain, is undoubtedly a huge time commitment. We train several times a week (including morning sessions), have strength and conditioning sessions, lots of time spent travelling, sorting paperwork, organising and of course weekly games. But all the time, sweat, (and yes, occasionally tears) are worth it. Through representing Durham I have grown in both my confidence and ability in basketball. I have become stronger and fitter, and improved as both a leader and a team-player. I have made unbreakable friendships and been provided with amazing opportunities. I know, that in a few years when I look back at my time in Durham, it will be the thing I miss most.

Samantha Bagulay

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