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One coincidental meeting with a stranger means I’ll be graduating from university with far more than just a degree; we’ve created a global platform for students.

Durham University is a unique environment, merging people with a huge array of backgrounds, experiences, and attitudes into one small city in the North East. What does this mean? Well, it is almost inevitable that you will meet those that share some of the same values and interests, and opportunities for collaboration will emerge. When I met Hassan, the founder of and a Research Masters student, this is exactly what happened.

The Scientistt App is soon to be launched on iOS and Andriod.

What have we created?

Scientistt is a networking platform for the research community. What that means (and don’t worry, you’re not stupid if you don’t know!), is that it is a place for passionate PhD students, early career researchers and academics to connect with each other, voice opinions, and gain recognition for their work.

Why is it necessary?

Well, research can be a lonely profession. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, members of the research community were experiencing strong feelings of isolation, and the existing ‘solutions’ simply don’t do the job! Scientistt aims to create more transparency regarding research life, with special attention to grant funding and recruitment, which are two important topics for career progression.

What is the vision?

Scientistt already has over 1200 members from around the world, including over 40 universities in the UK alone. But, this is just a small fraction of the global community we wish to build. Hopefully in the near future, we can make Scientistt the go-to online platform for researchers.

Just imagine you overhear someone say: “Hey, can I connect with you on Scientistt so we can stay in touch?” – it would be pretty cool for a business that started in the Teaching and Learning Centre cafe!

You can follow our progress at:




Callum Elson

Hello, my name is Callum Elson and I am a third-year History student from Collingwood. I’ve experienced a lot over my time at Durham, and hope to show a glimpse of student life through my writing!
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