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Raise a cheer with the Durham Divas

This is my second blog and I want to devote it to my favourite activity in Durham that is cheerleading.   It is my second year as a cheerleader and it has become my favourite sport along with dancing that I have done for 13 years.  Many people ask me who I cheer for? But I just want to make it clear Durham Cheerleading Squad does not cheer for any sport, we are a separate sport that includes gymnastics, dancing and stunting.  Moreover, it is a really competitive and challenging sport and not everyone can do it!

My squad has three to four training in a week, every of them is 2 hours that includes conditioning, stunting, jumping and dancing.  We have competed in many national competitions, and last year we competed in the Paris competition ‘Bring it on’ and got 1st place!!!! This meant we won the honour of being the first Cheerleading team to lead the parade in front of 1,000 other cheerleaders!

Some facts about cheerleaders:

  1. We stunt everywhere, even in the middle of Disneyland Paris
  2. Cheerleaders know that it is most definitely a sport. Here is a video from our Paris Comp, have a look you will be amazed!!!
  3. As cheerleaders we have a big collection of the bows!!!
  4. And we are masters of the hairstyle
  5. We really care about our uniform
  6. We are people who throw other people into the air
  7. We have many bruises on our hands from catching flyers
  8. We have the best socials
  9. And fun sessions
  10. And we know that being a cheerleader is the best job ever!!!

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