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New Year’s Resolutions

The festivities are behind us, the Christmas decorations have been taken down and for many of us it’s time to start thinking about resolutions that we can make for the coming year. I have compiled a list of my resolutions for University this year:


Durham Cathedral

1. Explore more of Durham

Having lived in Durham for almost two years now, I still feel that I have plenty of the city left to explore, including Beamish Museum, the Botanical Gardens and a Cathedral tour. I’d also like to broaden my horizons in terms of discovering the local countryside. The University Hill Walking Group provides an ideal opportunity to do this, with recent trips including Hadrian’s Wall and the Peak District. Alternatively, a walk down the river is always a welcome study break.


Bill Bryson Library

2. Spend more time in the Billy B

Most likely a resolution for most Durham students, I am hoping to spend more time in the Bill Bryson library this year seeing as second year results are so vital. Failing that, the vast array of smaller and quaint college libraries provide a more relaxed atmosphere to study in.

3. Join more societies and clubs

Although already a keen member of several University societies, I am keen to fully explore the range of options available to us as students. Whilst the Fresher’s Fair provides an ideal opportunity for this, the Refreshers Fair in January is useful for those who wish to pick up a new hobby or discover a new group or society they may have missed first time round. Some exciting and unique groups include Assassin’s Society, Baking Society, Knitting Society and Belly Dancing Society. Check out my article for Her Campus Durham on Durham University’s most unique societies here.


Newcastle and Gateshead

4. Explore Newcastle

Widely known as ‘the Durham Bubble’, although Durham is a stunning city with lots to do, it can be a welcome break to blow away the cobwebs and venture outside of the city. For example, I am planning on taking the train to Newcastle more often, albeit mainly for the shopping trips. For many, Newcastle also provides an opportunity to sample a wider range of bars, clubs and restaurants. With the journey only taking 12 minutes, it seems silly to waste the opportunity to visit this city.


5. Sample more independent coffee shops

Whilst chain coffee shops such as Costa are fab in their own right (I live for their festive specials), I am so keen to explore Durham’s vast selection of independent coffee shops. Not only can they provide more unique specialities, it is also a good thing to support small business within the local community. My personal recommendations include Claypath Delicatessen, Treats and Velvet Elvis – be sure to try their peanut butter milkshake!

6. Immerse myself in other cultures

Being a languages student, next academic year marks the start of my year abroad. I am keen to immerse myself as fully as possible into French and Spanish culture, hopefully through studying as an Erasmus student at a University and carrying out an internship or work placement within a company. Time will tell what activities the inevitable year abroad will bring, but I for one am excited for the opportunity to travel and experience other cultures firsthand.

Harriet Cunningham

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