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National Interfaith Week – Islamic Society


Salaam Alaykum! Peace be with you!

Durham Islamic society is proud to be part of National Interfaith Week.

We are the voice of Muslims in Durham University and we stand firmly hand in hand to live a memorable experience. We get to share our knowledge of Islam with one another and with the wider community. In our prayer rooms, we provide services to help you practice your faith as a Muslim and have the chance to meet Muslim brothers and sisters for the sake of feeling a sense of solidarity and support. We also organise several events, talks, and activities which you can be a part of. We are here doing our best to be as representative as possible for Islam and its teachings and we absolutely welcome your contribution.

Umar Abd Aziz

I’m the Vice President of the Islamic Society and am in charge of the affairs of the community in general and the society especially! I oversee the various units of the society and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Studying in Durham has given me a lot of exposure to different people, cultures and religions. I thought that putting aside our differences would be enough to build a prosperous and harmonious society. But by disregarding our identity we missed a great opportunity to appreciate what makes everyone unique. Learning and understanding each other are the best way to build bridges. We know how to treat people the way they want to be treated. We can connect with them and respect their views. Interfaith events and activities will always benefit us and are worth every effort.


Nur Syazana Binti Aziz

As the Secretary, my job is to make sure that messages are directed to the correct person, as well as making sure all our files are organised and archived for future use.

In my opinion, interfaith is the understanding of different religions from the perspective of people of other religions. By trying to understand others who believe in different religions and the religion itself, misunderstandings and conflicts between people of different religions can be avoided. Learning about others’ beliefs does not mean that you believe in the same thing, but for me, it means that you are agreeing to respect each other by creating a peaceful environment for all.

Faith Support At Durham University

Visit the Chaplaincy and Faith Support webpages to find out more about what Durham and the surrounding area has to offer in the form of faith support and different faith communities.


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