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My student-athlete experience

Being a female student-athlete is special because there are often times we are overlooked and underestimated. Growing up, I was usually one of the only girls on the court and I enjoyed the moments of proving people wrong when they see that I too can play. Using this as motivation and being able to come together to support one another as well as other female teams on campus is a great feeling. Some of my closest friendships have been developed through athletics and I am proud to play basketball with my amazing group of teammates.

We put in the hard work in training so that we can perform at our best in games. We are in the gym every day pushing each other to get better on the court and have put in countless hours on our own to get to where we are today. I enjoy seeing young female student-athletes dedicating time into their sport so that we can continue to build and display our talents to others. 

Durham v Oakland Wolves, 11 Jan 2020

Being a student-athlete can be challenging at times, but the achievements you reach throughout the process make it well worth it.  You get the opportunity to join others with the same passion for your sport, you work to achieve a common goal of getting better and winning together.  Being involved in sports has helped me overcome adversity, gain confidence, and develop a work ethic both on and off the court. Developing a routine to balance classes and training has improved my time management skills so that I am able to focus on basketball as well as excel in the classroom.  

I am excited for our Women’s British Basketball League Cup Final game coming up so that we can showcase our hard work and allow young athletes to watch a women’s basketball game with so many talented athletes. I hope that they know one day they too can achieve these goals as well if they put in the time and effort both on the court and in the classroom. 

Watch the final

Tune in at 12 pm on Sunday 26 January to watch the WBBL Durham Palatinates take on the Sevenoaks Suns by pressing the red button on your TV remote control.

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Betsy MacDonald

Hi, I'm studying a Masters of Education and play professional basketball for the WBBL Durham Palatinates.
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