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Meet your Durham SU Student Officers

Excited to start Durham University? We asked the Durham SU Student Officers what their favourite parts of Freshers’ were and any advice they have for you. Here’s what they said…

Seun Twins, SU President

“For many of you, this will be the first time you have left home so a good hot water bottle, a weighted blanket or even a stuffed toy will give you the comfort and security you will need to make it through the year. University is about trying new things, but we also must remember that new experiences can be unsettling for some, so get that hot water bottle!”


Jack Ballingham, Opportunities Officer

“The best thing about Freshers’, I think, is having the opportunity to get stuck into lots of activities. Durham has a student group for almost any activity or interest that you can think of, and Freshers’ Week is a great chance to get a taste of what they have to offer. Not only are these groups a brilliant way to get involved with the student and local communities, they’ll also lead you to meet loads of new people and ease into life in Durham that bit better. My advice is to not be afraid to jump in and give them all a go!”


Charlie Procter, Undergraduate Academic Officer

“In Freshers’, I really enjoyed the formals as they were a completely new (and slightly strange) experience. Sitting in a large hall with the rest of my college really made me feel part of a strong community, and it was an easy way to meet the people I was going to be living with for the next year.  In general, I would recommend getting involved as much as possible during the week. Trying out new sports and societies can be a good way to meet the people in your college. Of course, you don’t have to overdo it as Freshers’ can be a tiring time and you still have the whole year to try new things out.”


Declan Merrington, Postgraduate Academic Officer

“My favourite thing in my Freshers’ Week was meeting so many new people from different walks of life, and there’s just such a great feeling when you genuinely click with people you’ve met for the first time. At a postgraduate level, there’s even more diversity of experience as many will have completed their undergraduate studies at other universities, and at different stages in their life. The start of your time at the university can be both exciting and terrifying at the same time – but please don’t get overwhelmed. You will feel like you have to involve yourself in everything, but don’t feel guilty if you need a break or rest. It’s good for you!”


Jonah Graham, Welfare and Liberation Officer

“I loved Freshers’ but my Durham experience grew and grew over my first two years. Just make sure you keep an open mind by looking into the sports, social groups, academic networks and anything you think could suit you. I am sure you will have an absolute blast. Get ready for the blur that is Freshers’ Week. It will pass you by fast, so make the most of it. My advice would be to go into everything with an open mind, especially when meeting new people and encountering new groups and activities.”


Durham Students’ Union is a free, representative organisation that brings students together from every part of Durham University. They help you get the most out of your time at Durham. Each year, Durham students vote for the next Student Officers who will lead the Union.

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Durham SU Officers

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