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Meet your Durham Student Union Officers

Kate McIntosh – President

Kate, your Students’ Union President

I’ve been elected to champion students’ rights in Durham and lead your Union.

I’m a Cuthsperson, originally from Essex, and enthusiastic about 19th century history, activism, Carly Rae Jepsen, and anything rose-printed. I can usually be found hunting for something in a charity shop, re-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, on some sort of campaign, or in Cuth’s Bar.

But enough about me; let me introduce you to your Union. Durham SU exists for a purpose: we’re the champion of every Durham student. We’re interested in the things that matter to you and in helping make them possible.

As a Durham student, you’re automatically a member of Durham SU, which gives you access to the various benefits, including over 250 student groups and a range of events throughout the year.

Durham SU also has two cafés – which are bars by night – where you can fuel up on coffee and sandwiches, and find space to study or socialise. If you ever need a helping hand, our Advice Service is there for you, online and in person.

Every year, students throughout Durham vote for your Durham SU Officer team, which is currently made up of me and the four other Officers on this page. Together we represent the interests of students on a variety of issues, from the price of accommodation to making sure the library is open 24/7 during term time.

We’re all looking forward to having you in Durham, and are ready to support you throughout Freshers’ week and the rest of your time here. You could start by looking at our online Freshers’ Hub or by getting to know other freshers in the Durham Freshers 2019 Facebook group.

Once you arrive, we’ve got several events for you during Freshers’ Week. The one you really shouldn’t miss is the Freshers’ Fair, held on Tuesday 2 and Wednesday 3 October, where you’ll find hundreds of student groups, from sports to theatre, ready and waiting for you to join.

Jess, your Opportunities Officer

I am a big believer in the overall university experience, beyond the degree. My role as Opportunities Officer covers all aspects of this wider experience, from societies to Associations to music to drama to sport and much more. I also work with the commercial side of the Students’ Union (bar, café, events etc.), as well as engaging with the wider community.

Amelia, your Welfare and Liberation Officer

I will lead on policy and campaigns for welfare, wellbeing, housing and health. This role champions equality and diversity, by supporting both self-defining students and our Associations to come together and run campaigns. As Welfare and Liberation Officer I support student representatives to effectively improve welfare and liberation across the campus.

David, your PG Academic Officer

David, your PG Academic Officer I represent postgraduate students at University committees and directly to staff members, picking up individual issues they want me to address. These can be raised directly to me or through our Faculty/Department/Course Rep structures.

Sam, your UG Academic Officer

My role at the SU covers all things academia (for undergraduates)! I work to represent your views and concerns surrounding a wide range of issues, from study space to curriculum. Everyone at Durham has the right to a good education, and my role is to work with you and the University to ensure you receive one!

Learn more about all the fantastic work Durham Students’ Union do by visiting the DSU webpages.

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Kate McIntosh

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