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Meet my Durham College Family

Durham UNivesrity college family

college parentsIf you think you have just one family, you may be in for a shock. Arriving into Hatfield College I too thought this way, until I was introduced to my Durham College Family, my ‘College Mother’, ‘College Father’ and two ‘College Siblings’. I soon fell in love with my ‘College Family’ and I’m treating this as my shout-out to how awesome the experience is! (We’re expecting Grand-Children in October!)

Every Hatfield member is assigned two or three parents. At least one of your parent’s will have studied the same subjects as you! For me, my Mother and I both did Combined Honours with some Sociology. This was great because I was passed down second hand textbooks and was given tips on assignments/second year modules!

student parentsSiblings

I have a brother and a sister. My brother studied Combined Honours as well, where as my sister studies Music like my Father. We get to meet up for Family events throughout the term and its great having them as friends outside my regular friendship group! My sister and I got on so well we set up our own society this year- Hatfield College Intersectional Feminist Society.

College family events

The main College Family event is Parenting Night, where everyone meets their family for the first time. We get to go to one of our parent’s houses, eat,  play games and find out more about the Durham student experience. Throughout the term we’ll organise Coffee Meet-ups or Dinners and we send each other birthday/Christmas cards!

College family parentsFamily traditions

In March every Hatfield student gets the opportunity to marry one or even two, of their friends. Personally, I married my friend Katy and we now have four beautiful children together! It’s really great to carry on all the traditions passed down from our parents and my parents have even met their grand-children now.

Just like any regular family college family’s can have their ups and downs, but I really love the support network I’ve got from mine and I hope my children will continue the tradition. More than anything it’s a great way to meet new people and feel more settled within the larger Durham community as a whole! (I even have cousins!)

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Samantha Brooks

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