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Interfaith Week – Joint Anglican & Methodist Society

Durham Interfaith

Durham Joint Anglican and Methodist Society is thrilled to have been invited to be a part of Durham Interfaith activities, as part of National Interfaith Week

Along with the Islamic Society, Jewish Society and Durham University Chaplaincy Network, we’ve been busy organising events to celebrate and share some of the wonderful diversity of faiths in Durham. We’re excited to welcome everyone who wants to learn more about faith groups in Durham, to meet new people and to ask questions in an open and supportive environment.

Durham University Interfaith ChristianChristian Societies

The Joint Anglican and Methodist Society are a Christian Society in Durham which is open to anyone of any background. We meet every Sunday evening at Elvet Methodist Church or at St Oswald’s Church. You can expect discussion about how faith implicates us in the 21st Century – from issues on sexuality and gender to politics, poverty and the environment.

We are a Christian Society which strongly supports the LGBT+ community and also advocates disability, race and gender rights. We are open to those of every faith and none, and discussion is open and balanced. We promote a Safe Space in which people’s views can be voiced without fear of judgment, which we believe helps us all to grow together.

Sharing values, understanding differences

Teng,  a 2nd year biomedical sciences student and member of JAM) shares some of his experience in the society; “JAM Soc is an incredible society – warm, friendly, oriented towards justice, inclusivity and doing good for the community. I’ve found a home with the marvellous people I’ve met. The various Bible study sessions have made me think more about what it means to be a Christian and Christianity in today’s context, and spurred me on in my journey to faith. I’ve always felt it’s important for interfaith dialogue. Though all religions differ in theology, and differences exist even in the same religion, we are similar in the values we share and what we would like the world to be. It’s vital that in the multireligious context we live in, that we better understand each other and work together towards a better society.”

Faith support at Durham University

Visit the Chaplaincy and Faith Support webpages to find out more about what Durham and the surrounding area has to offer in the form of faith support and different faith communities.

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