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How I spend my Wednesday afternoons

What’s so special about a Wednesday afternoon?

Something that’s really great about Durham is that all students across all year groups and subjects always get their Wednesday afternoons off. There will normally be no teaching or classes scheduled during this time, and the aim is to encourage us all to get involved with some extra-curricular activities. By wiping Wednesday afternoon, the uni ensures that we all have a common time during the week that you know everyone is going to be free for a society meeting or a sports game. Wednesday afternoon is honestly my favourite time of the week (well, the working week of course, the weekend is the ultimate fave!).

How you spend it, of course, is totally up to you. Some people take the afternoon off to chill, others choose it as their weekly meet up with friends at the pub or on the grass by the river if it’s a sunny day. Athletes use it for their sports, and some people might just fancy attending a different society or club each Wednesday so that they can really experience everything Durham has to offer. The one thing that’s for sure, is that everyone is able to find something to do on a Wednesday afternoon that brings them plenty of fun and joy.

What do I do with my Wednesday afternoons?

Personally, I have always been really into horses, and I have my own pony back home. When I first came to Durham, I really didn’t expect to be able to continue any kind of equestrian sport due to the logistics of needing ponies – but to my surprise, I stumbled across DU Polo in my very first week here, and have been an avid member ever since! I’ve played for the Polo team for 4 years now, competing nationally every year, and going on to serve on the exec committee from 2018-2020. My final year was served as elected President of the Club, and so Wednesday afternoon became the focal point of my week.

The Exec committee would host wooden horse training every Wednesday afternoon at Maiden Castle (the Uni’s sports centre), as well as run lessons with our local polo club. Training was normally followed by a weekly exec meeting and then rounded off with a social where the whole team could get together and just really enjoy a fun-filled night off from studying.

DU polo club

Wednesday nights are undoubtedly the most fun and social nights of the entire week, and I know that’s the case for a lot of other Durham students too. The vibe of a great Wednesday night though, often begins building at Wednesday lunchtime, because that’s when every student knows that they can really let their hair down, and take a well-deserved break from the rigours of academic study.

My advice

Make the absolute most of your Wednesday afternoons and evenings at university. Spend them in a way that brings you the most joy and relaxation, or use them to participate in activities that enhance your employability, because that’s exactly what they’re there for. It’s pretty rare to find anyone who isn’t in a great mood on a Wednesday afternoon!

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Ellie Blackburn

My name is Ellie Blackburn, I’m a Post-Graduate student studying for my Masters in International Law and Governance. I was also lucky enough to do my Undergraduate Law Degree here, so this is actually my Fourth Year studying at Durham. I’ve been part of University (Castle) College my whole time here.
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