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Green Move Out

Hello, we are the Van Mildert College Environment Reps and we have been asked to write a blog post about the Green Move Out scheme. As we have no idea how to write a blog, we have decided to start with a short limerick to warm up:

“Have you heard of the Green Move Out?

It’s all we can talk about!

Your tat is our treasure,

So give us the pleasure,

Of preventing it being thrown out!”

To take part in the Green Move Out scheme you simply have to gather all the items that you no longer want or will have need for at home that you have accumulated over your time at Durham University. Now, instead of putting them in the bin, place these items in the Green Move Out bags!

If you’re a liver out, these have been distributed to the 50 most student populated streets in the Durham area. All you need to do is fill the bag and place it on your doorstep ready for collection. By placing your unwanted items into these bags – be they clothes, books, pots and pans or the odd ironing board – you can help reduce the amount of general waste each year. Furthermore, the items placed in these bags are collected by the County Durham Furniture Help Scheme and are used to help people within the local area.  The scheme also works in partnership with other local charities such as A Way Out, The East Durham Trust, and The Durham Palestine Educational Trust.

If you’re living in college, you also receive bags. By taking part in this, you will not only improve the environment and help the local area, your donation will also contribute to Greenspace’s inter-collegiate Green Move Out competition. Greenspace is the university-wide environment team that runs multiple campaigns each term to help make the university greener. The college that wins the Green Move Out scheme is the one that collects the most filled bags. Therefore we encourage everyone to get involved and start collecting items now!

This competition is just one of many that Greenspace runs each year. In the Michaelmas Term the University runs an intercollegiate waste awareness competition that encourages colleges to cut down on their food waste. Despite some confusion surrounding the start date of the competition, our efforts to cut Van Mildert’s food waste were so successful that we won by reducing our food waste by over 26% during the Love Food Hate Waste fortnight! Other competitions have been run the past to encourage green behaviour including the annual Intercollegiate Energy Reduction competition.

The Green Move Out scheme is an easy way for students to help the environment and everyone should get involved! For more information, visit the Green Move Out webpages at the following link: and the Greenspace website at:

Written by Van Mildert students:

Iain McGowan, Geography student, Matthew Koziol, Geography student, Olivia Huber, Geography student and  Sam Deakin, History student. 

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