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A Fresher moving into JB College

Butler Freshers Induction Welcome

Everything but the kitchen sink

So the time has finally come to move to Durham, aaahh. Living about 5 hours further south, I’m intrigued to see how I’ll cope with the weather (very British, I know) and if I’ll need as many woolly jumpers as I think (currently enough to clothe a small nation). Whilst I procrastinate on YouTube from the never-ending process of packing, here’s some thoughts on starting uni.

Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork

Butler Freshers InductionAs I took a gap year, I’ve known for quite sometime I’d be studying at Durham, but I still managed to spend the first week after results day in a state of mild panic at the prospect of filling out rather official looking forms. Working out which kind of meningitis jab I’d had meant searching through the crumbling ruins of my Child Health Record (aka my parents filing cabinet) and getting the right mugshot for my student ID took longer than expected (mainly because I didn’t want to look like a potato).

In hindsight, the process wasn’t as complicated as it seemed as everyone I spoke to was in the same boat. I managed to find most of the information I needed on the Durham Welcome Pages or DUO, the online portal for students. My advice would be, if in doubt, ask; everyone I emailed with questions was very responsive and definitely reassured me.

Food is life

Freshers InductionAs I’m living in Josephine Butler, a self-catered college, I’ve also spent some time planning my diet (food being the main highlight of my day). Therefore I’ve grabbed all the essentials (mostly consisting of chocolate and wine) and am about ready to go. Whilst student cookbooks are great, you can find pretty much all you need online on sites such as BBC Good Food, which has a student collection on their website, something which I’ve found really helpful in making sure I’ll be eating a balanced diet (or so I hope…).

Jazzing up my room

Freshers InductionOne of the most common tips I’ve had from my friends is to personalise your room. I’m bringing Washi tape to stick photos on my walls without leaving marks and battery operated fairy lights to satisfy the diva within. I’m super excited to kit my room out with soft furnishings (just call me a middle aged woman) and make it into a plant-laden cosy haven. Dwelling on this, I’m starting to pity my long suffering parents who are helping me move in; either we’ll have biceps of steel by the end of this weekend or our arms will have fallen off.

JB Freps Freshers InductionSore arms or not, I’m really looking forward to settling into Durham and seeing what opportunities will arise from studying in such a respected institution.

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Eden Szymura

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