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Durham Instep Dance Society presents Technicolour!

This year the theme for Instep Dance Society’s annual show was Technicolour! On the evenings of Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th March, dancers from across all disciplines were dressed head to toe in colourful costumes and took to the stage in the Durham Students’ Union ballroom.

Instep Dance Society is a hugely popular society here at Durham with just under a thousand members in total from a huge array of disciplines. Everyone is welcome to join, whether you’re a seasoned professional or want to try out a new style from scratch. All classes take place at the weekend so they are easy to fit into a busy Durham schedule! There’s also no limit to how many classes you can be a part of once you pay the annual membership.

The Annual Dance Showcase was the perfect opportunity for dancers from all disciplines and of all abilities, to perform in front of their friends and families. It was an extremely colourful evening and featured a technicolour spectrum of dance styles – Ballet, Bollywood, Broadway, Commercial, Contemporary, Irish, K-Pop, Modern, Salsa, Street and Tap.

Each dancer had the opportunity to be a part of up to four dances which made choosing which ones to be a part of a very difficult decision! As well as beginners, intermediate and advanced classes, the very talented Durham Dance Competition Team also performed on the two nights, with routines equally as exciting and colourful as challenging! There were also a handful of solo, duet and trio performances which didn’t fail to impress the audience. The attention to detail was remarkable as each class performed a routine which closely fitted the Technicolour theme, with music choice and with incredible costumes to accompany. Each dance was choreographed to ‘colourful’ music, such as the Intermediate Tap performance to the ‘Men in Black’ theme, the Lower Intermediate Ballet performance of the string quartet version of Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’. and the Higher Intermediate Ballet dance to ‘Over the Rainbow.’

A huge shoutout to the Instep Exec for making it an unforgettable night. It would never have been able to run so smoothly without the hard work and organisation of everyone in rehearsals and backstage on the night. The extra rehearsals all paid off in the end and two action-packed nights of dance meant that Epiphany term definitely went out with a bang. Thank you to all the dancers and teachers for their hours of commitment!

According to members of the audience, the night surpassed all expectations and was the best show yet! The show is truly a highlight of the academic year and every minute of Technicolour has been so much fun!

Thank you to Abigail Carruthers for her photography of the show.

Kathryn Bowman

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