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I am a Student Champion for the Durham Inspired Award. The Award is a new personal enrichment and development programme for students. It recognises all that we do for the community and allows us the opportunity to reflect on our strengths and how we’ve grown throughout our time at Durham. You take part in three zones called Think, Act, and Grow, record your participation in extracurricular activities and enhance your critical thinking, leadership and citizenship.

I’m a first-year law undergraduate at Stephenson College, hailing from the sunny island of Singapore. I like to keep busy and have lots of interests including being a keen member of Durham University Rifle Club (DURC) and VoiceIt Debating. When I am at the range, following each shoot, members of the exec and my friends would review my cards and give me pointers on how best I can improve. This has been really helpful for me as I am still adjusting to a new discipline, and I am really thankful to have the opportunity to learn and grow in such an inclusive community.

The Durham Inspired Award gives me access to ‘Strengths Based Coaching’, this will help me to discover more about my strengths and work on ways to improve my weaknesses. By becoming more self-aware I will be able to develop my soft skills, like communication and teamwork, alongside my degree.

I strongly encourage other students to sign up for the Award for three main reasons…

Firstly, by taking part in the Award, you will have someone mentor and guide you through a process of self-discovery, which could otherwise be relatively daunting. Having someone to check in on you, and a system to log your personal growth helps to check you are constantly reflecting on and learning from the things that you do.

Secondly, you do not actually have to go out of your way and make drastic changes to take part. The Durham Inspired Award is a great way of keeping track of all the activities that you do and how you learn from them all the time. Taking part in activities and reflecting on my participation, counts towards gaining the Award.

Lastly, the opportunity to challenge yourself. As someone who loves exploring boundaries and maximizing potential, I firmly believe that the Award is a great platform for me to test my ability to manage myself and my responsibilities. I hope that more students can step up and seize the opportunity by signing up to the Durham Inspired Award.

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Carina Lim

I’m a first-year law undergraduate at Stephenson College, hailing from the sunny island of Singapore. I like to keep busy and my interests include debating, photography, reading, sports and all things tea. In my leisure time, I spend a good amount of time watching documentaries by Vox and TedEd, as well as on the application VSCO where I draw inspiration for my next shoot.

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