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DULOG present Monty Python’s Spamalot

DULOG are in final rehearsals for their biggest show of the year. Their latest production is Monty Python’s ‘Spamalot’  at The Gala Durham from Tuesday 24 – Saturday 28 January 2017.
Find out more about this crazy comedy musical from the cast and crew – Meet the Spamalot team!

Spamalot Charlie KeableName: Charlie Keable     Role: King Arthur
Why should everyone come and watch?  It’s an absolutely hilarious production and will be an absolute spectacle to behold! Shows off a lot of fabulous Durham talent as well!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself. Monty Python’s Holy Grail was the first 18 cert film I ever saw at the young age of 10. I convinced our Czech Au pair to let me watch it.

Do you have a favourite recipe for Spam? Chicken nuggets and pre-brexit hopes and dreams.

 Spamalot Caroline MossimanName: Caroline Mosimann Role: Costume Designer
Why should everyone come and watch? If something is missing in your life it is probably either, dancing knights, gay weddings, or tasteful curtains – and we have all of those things.

Who in the Spamalot cast, crew and band would you most like to ‘Run Away’ from and why? Rosie Weston when she finds out how many quick changes we’re going to make her do!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself. This is my second time costuming for Spamalot, the last performance was in the USA.

Any tips for ‘Always Look(ing) on the Bright Side of Life’? Perspective. You could be living in the United States of Trump right now – oh wait…

Spamalot Polly BeaumontName: Polly Beaumont Role: Chorus and Dance Ensemble
Why should everyone come and watch?  Because I am learning the can can!!!

Favourite line/song lyric?  What happens in Camelot, stays in Camelot…

What is the worst thing about Spamalot? That it will all be over by the 28th January 🙁

Spamalot Laura DohertyName: Laura Doherty Role: Asst Choreographer
What is the best thing about Spamalot?  It is just one of the funniest and silliest productions out there! Every single member of the audience will leave with a huge smile on their face.

What are you on a quest to find in doing Spamalot?  One way or another, I will find my way onto that stage…

Any tips for ‘Always Look(ing) on the Bright Side of Life’?  Everything is always a bit brighter after a cup of tea and venting to a friend!


– Tuesday 24 January – 7:30pm
– Wednesday 25 January – 7:30pm, Matinee- 2:30pm
– Thursday 26 January – 7:30pm
– Friday 27 January – 7:30pm
– Saturday 28 January – 7:30pm, Matinee – 2:30pm

Tickets: £8.50 – £14.50

Box Office: Tel: 03000 266600

Visit the DULOG website for further information

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