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Delicious Food at the Full Moon Market

The Full Moon Market brings together a wide variety of street food vendors from across the North-East to Market Square in Durham City for an evening market with a unique atmosphere. Held once a month, the Full Moon Market remains distinct compared to the other markets in the market square, as it is typically held near the full moon cycle and is all about the food!

If you fancy a change from college food or cooking for yourself, this is a great place to pick up a really tasty meal at a reasonable price.  From 4pm to 9pm, the Full Moon Market offers something for everyone.  Alongside the food stalls, there is live music provided by DuhamBID’s Live InDurham events, enhancing the relaxed ambiance. The music is performed by a collection of local artists adding to the atmosphere of the event.

Try something tasty

Heading around the market, there are numerous local stalls which grab attention and serve a variety of tastes and dietary requirements. In the variety of choice, we decided to firstly visit Earth and Fire, offering fresh pizza from a hand-crafted wood fire oven, they also offer a wood-fired artisan bakery. Then, we visited a Newcastle based Asian inspired food bar called Kogarashi, an equally notable stall offering a variety of grilled meats and steam buns that taste like heaven. Whilst we only visited two stalls, there’s everything here from kangaroo burgers to coffee. Going with friends to the market allows for a fun, social night and wonderful tasty food.


Dates for your diary

The Full Moon Market takes place once a month in Durham Market Place – Find out more here.

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