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A day in the life of a Physics student

My typical Wednesday…

Wednesday’s at Durham University are busy as all Undergrads have a free afternoon for extra-curricular activities.

9:00-11:00 A programming practical. In Durham, most first years get an elective module choice and I took the Introduction to Programming module. We work on the practical assignment for the week creating Computer Programs. It can be challenging when you first start out, but there are always demonstrators to help you.

College dining

11:00-12:00 Physics Lecture. This particular lecture is about Classical Mechanics.  The Lecturers in these typically focus on Problem Solving skills and developing our physical intuition. We all have an app on our phone which we use as a clicker for our answers to questions. The answers are totally anonymous and they just liven up the lecture when we disagree with one another!

12:00-13:00 Lunch Hour. Most Colleges have a wide flexibility of meal times for lunch so you can fit most things in; if you can’t then they can usually make a packed lunch for you. It is a good time to meet up with friends and discuss a busy afternoon of activities.

Rowing on the River Wear

13:00-15:00 Rowing Training. As a fresher, you get the opportunity to learn to row and we even have a Rowing Tank. It’s like a boat, but you are not actually on the water. This typically involves some gym sessions, but we also get to go out on the water. The good thing about sport at Durham is that you don’t have to be of a high standard to get involved and most people are involved in something sporting.

15:00-17:00 Problem Sheets. I like to spend a couple of hours in either the College or University Library to make some progress on the homework problems set for that week when it is less busy.

Volunteering activity

17:00-Later on Community Activities. As a local, I occasionally take part in some of the local activities to offer outreach to other people. If you are not in the rare position of being a local, you can take part in Student Community Action which does a lot of very valuable work in the area.

19:00- 20:00 When I am able, I go to my Faith Group society. The atmosphere is pleasant, we are all there by choice to practice our Religion and then we socialise together. Durham is inclusive of all people, no matter your Faith background.

Gabriel Callaghan

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