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A day in the life of an Anthropology student

We all wonder what the student life is REALLY like, is it really up to scratch with American Pie: Beta House? What’s the ratio of work to chill? How much time do students spend doing the readings? Well, luckily enough for you I can explain what I have found my own personal experience to be like, as a second year Anthropology Student. Here I will explain what my typical Tuesday would be like.

I would normally wake up around 8:30 am and mill around the house getting ready for the day ahead. This includes having my compulsory cup of tea, reading the Daily Mail (of course!), making a packed lunch and prepping for the day’s lectures – i.e. making sure I have the lecture slides ready on my computer to take notes on. Luckily I rarely find myself having 9 am’s.

Bill Bryson Library

Lectures, lectures….

Next, I would set off to the library to get some reading done at around 9:30, enjoying the 20-minute walk to the Bill Bryson Library – whereby I normally call my family for a catch-up. Top tip – always carry an umbrella with you for these trips, you are in Durham and it may come in handy – a lot! Usually, I stay in the library till 12:30 and then make my way to the Anthropology Undergraduate Common room – you can chat in there and eat, so that’s where I have my lunch and check my messages with my friend before my lecture at 1pm. Or I meet up with friends at one of the Durham Café’s – you might as well!!

so many cafes to choose from!

My lecture at 1pm is on Evolution, Variation and Adaptation with Professor Trudi Buck – who is the most hilarious lecturer ever! We learn and discuss many things about the human skeleton.

Next is another lecture, Political and Economic Organisations with Professor Sillitoe. Again another funny lecturer – but do make sure you bring a laptop to these as he talks pretty quickly. Usually, the focus of each lecture is on a different group of people/tribe discussing the different ways they live economically.

I sometimes (about every 3 weeks) have my practical for Evolution, Variation and Adaptation that is two hours long. This is where we are in smaller groups than a lecture and in a laboratory looking at REAL human bones. This is very useful in learning the bones as you get to be hands on. If I don’t have this practical then I go back to the library instead and continue with my readings for upcoming lectures/seminars or typing up my notes or any formative/summative work that is due.

Time for the gym…

Next, I walk back home at 5:30 ish, usually making a pit stop to my college gym (Hatfield) for about an hour and sometimes to Tesco’s to get anything I may need for supper that night. The downside is that at this time of year it is dark on the walk back – however, the Christmas lights make it super pretty.

Finally, I arrive home around 6:30pm and take a shower and have supper. The rest of the evening may either be filled with spending time with my housemates watching TV or going round a friend’s house or bar for a drink – I don’t normally go out on a Tuesday as I have a 9 am the next day and usually go out that night for sports social.  So.. that my typical Tuesday 🙂

Freya Smellie

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