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On Thursday March 26th people across the UK leaned out their windows for the first time to applaud the NHS. At Ustinov College’s Sheraton Park, our porter Ray, captured the moment and it was posted on Ustinov’s social media, but students at Ustinov’s Brackenbury location took part as well.  

Ustinov – A Caring college

I’m so thankful to all the Ustinov staff for updating the us about Covid-19 every day so I can know about what happened recently without having a very strong feeling of panic.  

I heard about the event, Clapping for the NHS #clapforcarers, from them a few days ago. I was very interested and set a reminder on my phone. To be honest, this was a very good activity. It not only expressed everyone’s gratitude to NHS workers, but also warmed the hearts of hardworking staff and made them feel relieved. However, I deeply felt when I participated in the event that night that the significance of the event was more than that!  

When I opened the window, the people who lived opposite me also opened the window. Although we were 50 meters apart, I felt we were a united front in that moment and we could face the present difficulties together. My alarm clock rang at 8pm and the applause outside my window came and went, accompanied by cheers and laughter. At that time, the peaceful town seemed to rejuvenate, the lights were swaying and there was applause wherever there were people . The scene was moving and inspiring. I continued to applaud and burst into tears. Although everyone was scattered in all directions, our hearts were tightly connected. It was the first time I’ve had such a strong sense of belonging in a foreign country. The event lasted five minutes, but I will remember it for a lifetime. You can watch a short clip of it here

Thank you from an international student

I would like to pay tribute to those who are rushing to the front line during the Easter holiday and put themselves at great risk to care for others. They remind me of the hundreds of thousands of medical staff who gave up the opportunity to reunite with their families during the Spring Festival this year in China and volunteered to hold their posts. Although the masks left marks on their faces, and their clothes were wet with sweat, they still managed to save people with no regrets. No action could be greater right now. 

Stay at home for NHS, for ourselves and for all people. We are in this together, we will get through it together!

Junyi Wei

Hi! My name is Junyi Wei and I’m currently completing my MSc in Finance and Investment. I live in Brackenbury which is another accommodation of Ustinov College and a little bit far away from everywhere, but I love the place very much!
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