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Charity Fashion Show raises record amount for MIND

DUCFS Fasihon Show 2018 blog

DUCFS Fashion ShowThe Durham University Charity Fashion Show (DUCFS) is one of the most highly regarded student-run, annual events at Durham University. Dating back to 1982, the show raises funds for charity through Durham University Charities Kommittee (DUCK), the fundraising arm of Durham Students’ Union, a registered charity.

DUCFS hosted its 35th show over two nights in February 2018, the culmination of 10 months of planning, led by 19 Executive Committee members, 52 models, 24 brands, 32 sponsors, 4 launch events, 4 video shoots, 7 photo shoots and 200 outfits –  the event raised a record-breaking amount of over £100,000 for mental health charity MIND.

Record breaking event

DUCFS Durham student fashion show“The success and support behind DUCFS 2018 shows that mental health is an issue taken seriously at Durham University.  I am completely overwhelmed and speechless with the success of DUCFS 2018. We have broken records and have achieved something that many wouldn’t achieve in a lifetime. It has been an incredible journey bringing the show together over the last 10 month thanks to the outstanding hard work from the 2018 Executive Committee who helped bring the show to life. I am so proud of everyone involved.”

DUCFS 2018 raised funds for Mind, the leading mental health charity in England and Wales committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of people across the country. With the initial aim to raised £85,000, these Durham University students exceeded their goal and raised over £100,000.”   Iona Cameron, President of DUCFS 2018,

Fashion meets fundraising

DUCFS Durham student fashion show“Planning DUCFS is a massive project, beginning ten months prior to the show itself. The logistics behind a show like DUCFS and making sure we follow the appropriate fundraising procedures can be a little complicated, to say the least!  Fundraising through fashion shows has become a big part of university student life. The shows provide a unique opportunity for students to join together to celebrate the arts, while raising awareness and fundraising for the issues important to us. For the students involved in the creation and realisation of this shows, the process was challenging but immensely rewarding, and one from which many strong friendships are made. DUCFS truly is made up from a range of students who come together to work towards a common charitable goal.

DUCFS is an event more than anything, which fundraises in a variety of ways, including through pre-show event nights, sponsorship from external companies, auction and raffles prizes and lastly, ticket sales for the night itself. We also receive generous sponsorship in the form of product placement and monetary donations from some incredible brands and corporations without which, we couldn’t put on half the show we do. Likewise, clothing brands all provide their items free of charge in exchange for the opportunity to be part of the spectacle. The support and generosity of our sponsors never ceases to amaze us, and we are so grateful for them.

Every year the DUCFS Creative team develops a new theme – the foundation for the show’s efforts to design a creative fundraising campaign. This year the 2018 theme was Evolution Revolution and ‘The Shape of Now’, recognising the changes we can make within our society as a force for good.”   Luciana Di Mascio, Operations Vice President of DUCFS 2018

DUCFS“We wanted to encourage people to think about and understand the ways that fashion, art, music and all forms of creativity can act as political and social statements. This year our campaign was not only a force pushing us to question the status quo and direction of our society, but it was also a huge force for good with our chosen charity, Mind at its core.

As part of this year’s fundraising campaign DUCFS also released the first-ever society street-art, located on the side of the Three Tuns Hotel on New Elvet, Durham on 10 November 2017. The DUCFS PR and Marketing team spent the summer working with Student Letting agency, Morgan Douglas and artist, Lee Ferry from Custom Artwerk Bespoke Artwork and Murals who helped sponsor the wall and bring the creative vision to life.

The piece encourages public engagement with the work, as the onlooker feels as though they too make up part of the sprawling abstract crowd in the foreground and are included in our fundraising efforts.  Bryony Duff, Creative Vice President of DUCFS 2018

Thank you!

DUCFS Durham student fashion showLuciana summed up by saying “Thank you to everyone who helped support DUCFS 2018 and make this year the most profitable and exciting year yet!”

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