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BUCS Championship winning Women’s Lacrosse

Menna Rose, a second year from Hatfield College, has been playing lacrosse for 9 years, and now plays in Durham University Women’s 1st team. We asked her about what it’s like being involved in a sport in Durham, and why people should consider getting involved in lacrosse.

How did you first get involved in lacrosse?
It was one of the main sports at my secondary school, so got involved from the word go and never stopped!

What’s the best thing about lacrosse?
 The game itself is amazing, very quick, very tactical and involves a little bit of contact here and there so it’s quite physical (makes it all the more exciting).

Did sport influence your choice of university?
Yes, I knew Durham was one of the best in BUCS when I was applying, so the thought of playing with the best was really tempting.

What does a regular week look like?

Monday – Gym 2-3pm, Training 7-9pm. Tuesday – Training 6-8pm. Wednesday (our favourite day of the week) – Game day. Thursday- Gym from 4-5pm (all about the legs), Fitness/ recovery session 6-6.30pm. Then, if there’s a big game the following week we’ll squeeze in a morning session on Friday from 7.30am until 8.30/9am!

How have you found it juggling academic work with training?
It can be a struggle, especially in second year. But if anything I think it makes me work harder and handle my time better because I have no choice. I treat lacrosse as a bit of a break from the library/ a stress relief from work. The whole team is in the same boat so that’s comforting.

What is the best thing about being involved in a sport in Durham?
The friends, and the pride that comes with the Team Durham spirit. Some of my closest friends and best memories of Durham have come through sport. We have so much fun on the pitch, but also off the pitch…in Loveshack.

Have you ever found your gender to affect your progression in sport in Durham?
No not at all. We train as hard as the boys (and win more than they do), and we get the same most amazing amount of support from the gym and fitness coaches, definitely doesn’t affect us.

What have you got coming up?
We have a massive week coming up. Both the 1’s and 2’s have qualified for their finals this year, so we’re all travelling south at the end of term to train together in the lead up to the finals on 22nd March. In the meantime we played Japan March 18th as a training match! And then the two teams are getting prepped to take on Exeter and Cardiff in the finals. The big aim is double gold!

So, why should people consider getting involved in lacrosse / sport at Durham in general?
I’ve met so many great people through sport at Durham, and I think most importantly it gives you an opportunity to achieve something aside from academic work. Sport is the best way to keep healthy and relaxed when the academics stuff gets a bit too much. Also, Durham is one of the best for sporting achievements in the country so I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to get involved and be a part of something so great.

Katy McRae

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