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Birthday Celebrations in Durham

Friday 11th November was one of the happiest days I have spent here in Durham as of yet. Not only was it the day I turned 19, and actually the first time I have ever spent my birthday away from my family in Somerset, but it was the day I realised just how much Durham itself now feels like a home away from home.

After a delightful pre-birthday dinner out in Durham with my college family on the Thursday evening, I went to bed ready to begin the next day bright and early.

I awoke to a bedroom adorned with a colourful collection of cards and presents, and was wished happy birthday by the lovely friends I have on my corridor. The day began bright and early with a 9am start in the form of my French Oral class. As a lover of languages, this hour never fails to put a smile on my face. I was then invited to visit my friend at another college, before heading back to St Aidan’s where I had a surprise package waiting for me at Reception! The box was mysteriously large yet light, and until I saw the words ‘FRAGILE – CAKE’ on the lid, I had no clue what could be inside! (That did give the game away a little bit though…) Inside were the most perfect gluten-free cupcakes I could have wished for, a special delivery from my family at home. They even had ‘Happy Birthday Kathryn’ iced on top, which was so sweet.


In the afternoon, I spent some quality time with my wonderful college siblings, finished unwrapping all of my presents and was treated to lunch in my favourite place in town by my lovely college sister, which was absolutely perfect. Surprisingly, I somehow had room for even more cake by then!

Later, as it was also the birthday of a friend on my corridor, we all had a little gathering in the kitchen with lots and lots of cake, and we blew out the candles together. It was a lot of fun and even more so because it was a double-birthday celebration at Aidan’s! Venturing out to Castle Bar for the first time was another highlight of the evening, before enjoying a classic night out in Durham to mark the end of the best day of celebrations.

My birthday went so quickly, but every day is different in Durham and I can’t wait for more adventures this year. After all, it’s not every day that you get to spend your birthday in such a lovely place as here.

Kathryn Bowman

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