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A day in the life of a Law student

Normally I don’t have many contact hours and often manage to get away without having any 9 am lectures, but today was not one of those days. At 8:15 am, I dragged myself out of bed after having snoozed my alarm three times – I’m not a morning person, so only just managed to make myself a packed lunch and leave the house (eating toast on the way) going to the Science Site.

The walk itself is one of the redeeming factors of a 9 am lecture – the quickest route for me is through the woods next to the river, so I get a great view of the Cathedral. 45 minutes after getting out of bed, I was already in my Jurisprudence seminar (the theory or philosophy of law). Our contact hours are split into lectures and seminars – lectures being presented to the front to everyone on the module, and seminars being smaller classes where we discuss the reading. My seminar was 2 hours long and ended up getting into a pretty deep discussion of morality.

Afterwards, I had a break for lunch before a lecture at 12. One of the best things about having very few contact hours is that there’s generally always a break between them. I stayed in the library to sort out some admin and wake myself up properly. The lecture itself was only an hour so was over pretty quickly compared to my seminar in the morning!

After a morning of work and reading, I needed to move around a bit so headed to the gym. You can get cheap memberships at college gyms, but I have a membership at Freeman’s Quay because it includes the pool too and I love swimming. I did a short cardio workout, but because I was going to a college formal that evening my session was cut short, so I could get ready.

My housemate and I got ready together, accompanied by Aperol Spritz and cheesy 90s music. Running fashionably late to the formal, we had to get an (incredibly short) taxi across Durham, but just about made it to college as people were heading up to dinner. I was on a table with seven other friends, which was great for chatting and laughing all evening – the formal finished up in the college bar, so it was obligatory to try out their new gin cocktail menu. Despite the cold weather, it was just too tempting to go out afterwards, so after changing out of my heels and into some more comfy shoes, I met up with some other friends who were already out at a bar to celebrate one of their birthdays. The rest of the night was a tad hazy, but I woke up the next morning (reasonably) ready to start the cycle again.

Astrud Turner

Hi, I'm a Hild Bede student who has recently graduated in Law. While at Durham I loved spending my time volunteering, doing theatre (I don't act - I was a technical director!) and travelling! The majority of my student loan was spent in cafes and on stationery, which is 100% money well spent. You can find me on Instagram

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