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A day in the life of a Criminology student

A typical Tuesday

This term Tuesdays are now quite packed for me, I take two full 20 credit modules that run for the whole year and two that are just run this term, this means I have a lot of screen time due to current circumstances. My usual wake-up time is 8:30 am, enough time to get sorted before starting the day. I study at a desk in my room, always with a cup of tea and a bottle of water.

My first lecture of the day is pre-recorded so I can access it anytime, it was for the module Crime, Justice and the Sex Industry. This consists of a series of short lecture recordings and activities in between to keep us engaged and thinking. Usually, these take me about an hour to complete.

12 PM sees the first of my live lectures, a 10 credit module this term on Race, Racism and Social Justice. This lecture series is becoming a favourite of mine as the discussions are so stimulating and raw I feel like I am not only expanding in knowledge but learning so much from people’s personal experience (mainly the lecturer’s). I then go straight into another live lecture from 1 – 3 PM, my last lecture of the day. This module was supposed to be done inside of one of Durham’s prisons so it has been a massive change, however, the lecturers have done an amazing job in making it work for everyone.

A break from the screen

As part of my day, I usually go on walks to not only give me some exercise but also to give me some time away from the screen. The weather is always hit and miss in the UK however one of my favourite places to walk to is the beach and being in Sunderland it’s right on my doorstep!

I have a list of things that I love to do as hobbies and I alternate between them each day.  Usually, I tend to wind down on a night with a bath and a book, something to keep me relaxed and destress from university. I also have become obsessed with wax melts and they give off such a calming atmosphere and feel nice to end the day on.

I hope this has helped you understand what a typical day is like, although it is very different at the moment. Usually, I love socialising at the college bar(s) and going out for brunches in the local café’s, Cafedral is a favourite as their scones are amazing! Let’s hope we get back there soon.

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Natasha Skaife

I am Natasha, a Third Year student from Grey College studying Criminology. I chose to live at home for my final year, home being Sunderland. The pandemic stopped my plan of traveling to lectures and socialising with my friends, however, I have managed to make it work with the power of technology and many zoom calls. As a typical student, I love the college bar(s) and going out for brunches in the local café’s.
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