Assistant Bar Steward: Amber Field-Webber, 2nd Year 


I’m Amber, a second-year Maths student who will be your Assistant Bar Steward for 2020/21 Basically what that means is that I’ll be helping Louisa run the bar this year, like keeping our drinks stock up and always listening to your suggestions about how we can improve. This means that we’ll be doing things like making ourselves more eco-friendly, working with JCR societies to host different events like the pub quizzes (all COVID-guideline permitting of course), and trying to increase our overall online presence. Mary’s Bar does get some stick for being one of the smallest college bars in Durham but it honestly is so important to our community, and I really do love the vibe, so I’d encourage anyone to pay it a visit, whether you’re after a glass of water, a lemonade or a few pints!

Working the bar was definitely one of the most rewarding things I did in college in my first year because the atmosphere is just really friendly, so I definitely would encourage people to apply for it when the time comes around. If you have any questions about working at Mary’s Bar, any ideas for it, or just want a chat lol, please feel free to come and talk to me if I’m around / when I’m on shift! Failing finding me in person, you can also email me on amber.field-webber@durham.ac.uk for any bar-related things.

Assistant Toastie Bar and Shop Manager: Emily Wall, 3rd Year

Hi! I’m Emily, a third year History student and I’ll be your Assistant Toastie Bar and Shop Manager for this year.

In my role I will be supporting the manager, Emily Cliffe, this year in ensuring that everything is running smoothly as normal. I’ll be responsible for stocking the vending machine, checking the health and safety of the toastie bar and filling in for Cliffe when she is away.

Email me if you have any Qs at emily.f.wall@durham.ac.uk xxx

Assistant WAM Officers: Sophie Tice, Aydin Rezazadeh and Amy Harris.

You’ll meet them in the Welfare section of the website!

Communities Officer: Sophie Paxton, French & International Relations, 2nd Year

Hey! I’m Sophie a second-year student studying French and international relations. Congratulations to you all on your wonderful A level results and for getting into the best college in Durham!

I’m your communities Officer which means I’ll be running community events throughout the year so that Mary’s students can give back to the local community. I’ll also be promoting university wide volunteering opportunities so that everybody is aware of the ways in which they can engage with Durham as a city, not just as a university.  Unfortunately, Covid means that the local community will have a greater need than ever for help and I’ll be making sure that we’re on hand to provide that help!

Disabilities Representative: Ben Sharp, Politics, 3rd Year

In my role as Disabilities Representative I am the person to contact if you have any issues relating to living with a disability at university (from SAC forms to exam concessions) and hopefully make life at Mary’s run a little bit smoother.

Environment Representative: Owen Towler & Ellie Tolhurst, 2nd Years

Hi! We are Ellie and Owen and we are your Environment Representatives!

As a member of St Mary’s College and Durham University you are part of a community which is proud to be committed to Environmental Sustainability.

Excessive energy consumption is a significant element of global climate change. At St Mary’s College we have taken up the challenge to reduce energy usage as a commitment towards environmental sustainability. Every member of the college is asked to contribute to this culture: only by all working together can we make a real difference.

All students are urged to consider energy use for environmental reasons because energy costs are a significant portion of the residence charge and are reflected in the size of your termly bill.

Ethnic Minorities Representative: Khaira Ashcroft, German & Arabic, 2nd Year

Hello freshers! First of all I feel a bit of  congratulations is in order for getting into not only one of the best universities in the country, but on being welcomed into the friendliest college on campus. Mary’s is without a doubt the best college, and you are all so amazing for achieving what you have done so far to get to this position.

My name is Khaira Ashcroft and I am a second year languages student studying German and Arabic. My role on the JCR exec is Ethnic Minorities Representative, and I am also the president of St Mary’s Ethnic Minorities Association. To put it simply, I am here to provide support to Ethnic Minorities  and People of Colour joining Mary’s, whether that be a suggestion in a JCR meeting, signposting to minority societies at Freshers Fair and Student support services on a university level, or even just a friendly face, a cup of tea and a chat.

This year I have been doing a lot of work with the other reps in regards to the Black Lives Matter Movement, and how concepts such as Anti-racism and Allyship can be implemented into college life. Throughout the year I run discussion panels with keynote speakers (last year’s panel topics included Colourism and the fetishisation of Black culture), fun socials such as movie nights and club nights, and ‘KitKat & Chitchat’ events,  providing a safe space for POC to socialise within the Durham Bubble. Moving to a predominantly white university can be a really daunting thing, but I am here to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible, and that you feel fully comfortable in your new home. I cannot wait to meet you all, we have a really great year ahead planned and I am so excited for you to join us in Mary’s. Here’s to the 3 best years of your life!

Khai 🙂

I.T. Representative: Alice Watson, Computer Science, 3rd Year

Hi! I’m Alice, your IT Rep this year. I’m in charge of updating the JCR Website and also managing all the computers within college. If you have any tech related questions I’ll do my best to help. I’m also in charge of the Website Committee which you can join if you want to get involved in the creation of a new website for the JCR.

During my time at Mary’s I’ve been heavily involved with Mary’s Dance and Saints Cheer, being president and captain respectively this year. I’ve also been on the Social Committee Exec and in the Foot of the Hill pantomime both years. There’s so much to get involved with here at Mary’s and I know you’ll find something you love.

LGBT+ Representative: Alicia Bickerstaff, Combined Social Sciences, 2nd Year

I am a second-year student taking history and sociology through combined honours in Social Sciences. I know that this year’s freshers are going to have a very different experience to what we had, but I believe Mary’s LGBT+ community is up to the challenge. I am here to support students both in terms of welfare and to help organise fun events to help freshers get to know each other as I know how isolating it can sometimes feel as an LGBT+ student in Durham. If you ever have an issue or an idea you want to discuss please get in touch as I believe that no issue is too small or no idea to wild.

Although we may not have an LGBT+ club night this year I’m hoping to organise lots of other fun events to help freshers get to know one another. Finally, I know there is often a strong creative arts strain within the LGBT+ community at Mary’s so if you have any interest in getting involved with publicity or this year’s charity fashion show please get in touch as we would love to have as many freshers involved as possible.

Publicity and Communications Officer: To be Elected in Michaelmas Term!

Senior DUCK Representative: Olivia Buckley, Psychology, 2nd Year

Hey everyone! I’m Olivia, a second-year psychology student and this year’s Senior DUCK Rep. At Durham University, all charity fundraising is coordinated by DUCK, the Durham University Charity Kommittee. My job as Mary’s Senior DUCK Rep is to lead the DUCK committee within our college to organise fundraising events for charities our students care about. I am so passionate about my role as I think it is extremely important that we Durham students remember how lucky we are to have the education and opportunities we receive and always try to play our part in giving back. We try to make all our events fun and exciting as well as being an excellent way to give back to important causes. Events such as our annual Tri-48, a 48-hour triathlon, and Mary’s Got Talent are always a success, but we need you to get involved in our DUCK committee and bring your ideas and enthusiasm to make sure we raise as much as we can this year.

With the pandemic adversely impacting so many vulnerable people, as well as leaving many charities low on donations and struggling to survive, there hasn’t been a better time to get involved in charity work. We will be recruiting anyone who wants to help out, as little or as much as you can, at the start of term.

If you are interested to find out more or have any questions, drop me a message or email at olivia.buckley@durham.ac.uk.
I’m really looking forward to meeting you all soon.


Senior Freshers’ Representative: Michaela Abbs, Law, 4th Year

You’ve probably met them in the Fresher Reps section of the website!

Senior International Students’ Representative: Currently being fulfilled by Joe Castledine and Michaela Abbs, to be re-elected in Michaelmas Term

You’ll meet us in the Induction Week section of the website!

Senior Post-Offer Visit Day Representative: To be elected!

Keep an eye on Joe’s weekly emails for updates!

Senior Tech Officer: Matt Newhall, Computer Science, 3rd Year

Hi hi all! I’m Matt and I’ll be your Senior Tech Officer for this coming year! Firstly, like everyone else has said, massive congratulations for smashing your A-Levels in such a turbulent year and making it into Durham (as well as the best college here of course).

As Tech Officer, I’ll be in charge of the lighting and sound at all kinds of college events from formals, balls, live lounges and many more throughout the year! Doing tech has meant that I’ve had the opportunity to do loads of cool stuff across Durham, from helping with theatre shows to recording bands, and I’ll be looking to grow a Tech Team during the course of the year for people to get involved with as well, and hopefully one of you will go on to be the next tech officer!

As well as this, over the last two years I’ve been involved in a bunch of societies including Basement Jazz, Ultimate Frisbee, Frepping, Ball Committees, Climb Kilimanjaro for DUCK, Badminton, Mary’s Theatre and more, some of which I never thought I’d do before coming to Durham, and so my main advice for freshers week would be to get really stuck in with the activities the freps put on and try out as many societies as you can (if possible lol)

If you have any questions about tech or anything I’ve mentioned at all, send me a message at matthew.newhall@live.co.uk – see you all in September!

Toastie Bar and Shop Manager: Emily Cliffe, Modern Languages & Cultures, 4th Year

Hi everyone, I’m Emily, a 4th year MLACer and I’m thrilled to be your Toastie Bar and Shop Manager for this year. After being abroad for the past year, there has been a massive Mary’s shaped hole in my heart and I really can’t wait to be back and serving you all toasties! You will often find me at the Toastie Bar in the basement with a pint in hand (just ask Sam, our Vice Pres), so come down if you want a top-notch snack, a job or just a nice chat (or all three)!

The Toastie Bar has an extremely wide range of choices, from double decker meat feasts to smores to vegan options so whatever you’re craving, we have something for you. We also often collaborate with DUCK and other organisations to create toastie specials with proceeds going to charity if you need even more tempting to come visit us. Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages (Mary’s Toastie Bar) for even more info on new specials.

Working Class Representative: Chloe Sutton, Philosophy, 3rd Year

Hey guys, congrats on making it to Durham! You should be incredibly proud of your achievement. I’m Chloe, a third year studying Philosophy, and your Working-Class Representative! Last year I proposed the motion to incorporate a Working-Class Representative in the JCR and ran for the role the next term. I am so incredibly grateful to Mary’s democracy for allowing me to passionately fulfil the role I helped to create, voice WCS’ concerns and allow me to be the figurehead I so desperately wish I had when I was a Fresher.

After arriving at university I soon realised that although part of a majority group at home, us working class folk are a minority within the university. My aim is to be a relatable, approachable figure to provide support and resources to ease the struggles faced by the working-class student experience and create a safe community for WCS to voice their concerns.

My ideas have been in the pipeline since arriving at Durham (I am even writing my dissertation on the equality of opportunity – so if you would like some reading on this sort of thing, drop me an email!). I have kept an extensive note about every barrier I have personally faced as a WCS, as well as barriers I could have faced. It has been at the forefront of my mind for years (ask my friends!) and all of my energy will be dedicated to this role because it is of utmost importance to me, with my aim being to assist those who have been in similar positions to myself and to create a space to discuss social class openly and give voice to WCS in the JCR.

My ideas include increasing the transparency of the costs faced by WCS and advising financial support for these costs, i.e. JCR fee, Induction Week wristband, sports and societies memberships, etc., as well as providing advice for student accommodation and academic resources (be the Martin Lewis of students – if you like). I intend to create a feeling of inclusion and offer drop-in sessions for WCS, as well as collaborating with other minority reps for socials and discussion groups.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch via my email chloe.c.sutton@durham.ac.uk or on Facebook. There will also be a Facebook group advertised to you on the Facebook Freshers Page in due course. I’ll be available for social distanced cuppas or I will be a Zoom call away. I would be thrilled if you reached out, so please don’t hesitate!

Junior Officers

Head Teikyo Representative: Primmy Baxter

Mature Students’ Representative: To be Elected!

Year Abroad Representative: Katerina Jackson, Modern Languages, 4th Year

Chapel Rep: Jess Simson, 2nd Year