Mary’s Day

Mary’s Day is always on the last weekend of the year in the summer! Each year we hold our own festival style event in the grounds of Mary’s with tonnes of live music, performances, competitions, food, pimms, beer and the like! This event is one of the stand out days in the calendar where current students, staff, alumni and friends come together for a day of serious partying to celebrate the end of the academic year.

If you ask any Mary’s student their list of favourite events, Mary’s day is bound to be up there on that list. Mary’s day is a time for celebrating the year, saying goodbye to all those who are graduating in a given year, and having the time of your life. Days like these really make up some of the most special memories in a student’s University experience, and we are so proud to be able to provide days like this for our students.

If you don’t believe us, you will in a moment – Take a look at these highlights from the past 4 Mary’s Days & see for yourself. We really know how to have fun….