College Life

Colleges are a key part of why Durham is such a great university. They give you a strong sense of identity, community and team spirit, as well as providing a structure which is perfect for meeting like-minded people. Your closest friends are likely to be from within your college, as you will see them on a daily basis and will go out together, play sport, and often join the same societies.

You can be as involved in college life as you want, but the system is always in place for when you want someone to chat to or suggest a change. College provides a common bond between all the members of all year groups and it is amazing how quickly people feel that their college is the best.

Mary’s was established as Durham’s third college in 1899, meaning that it is a traditionally-minded college, with regular formal dinners and events. Furthermore, it is undoubtedly one of the most aesthetically pleasing colleges in the whole of Durham. When this is combined with its convenient location next to the science site, library and the New Inn, it is easy to see why Mary’s is now one of the colleges with the most applications per place.