A BBSRC-funded network that promotes collaborations between industry and academia.

This Durham, Kent and Manchester Universities-led network is one of six phase II BBSRC NIBB, announced in November 2018 and has the following objectives:

“This Network will bring together communities working on metals in biology to accelerate research relevant to industrial biotechnology and bioenergy. Almost a half of the reactions of life are catalysed by metals. This means that many bio-industries depend on the catalytic activities of metals in proteins. Academic network members will work with members from biomanufacturing and bioenergy sectors to enhance the activities of metalloenzymes to generate new products and to increase the profitability and sustainability of existing products. About half of wastes are contaminated with metals. Company network members will work with academia to valorise metal-contaminated wastes, bio-remediating and bio-recovering metals in valuable forms – an important contribution to a sustainable circular economy.”



11 March 2021 (12.00 GMT) Bridging the gap between concept and commercialisation Bob Holt, Centre for Process Innovation
16 March 2021 (18.30 GMT) UK to get the world’s first commercial precious metal bio-refinery from e-waste Ollie Crush and Andy Hanratty, Mint Innovation
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