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Lead institution: EUC
Other institution: AAISCS

This event is provisionally scheduled to take place in April 2021

A five-day workshop on connectivity methodologies, led by Ioannides (AAISCS) and Papadopoulou (EUC).

The first two days will explore the range of methods related to connectivity as utilized in various sciences. The presenters of the workshop will be specialists from the consortium, and will present in a concrete, technical way, some of the most important methods, techniques and tools related to connectivity that they utilize for investigating real problems of their sciences. The main advantages and weaknesses of the range of methods for different applications will be explored, enabling the ESRs to work towards a universal framework of connectivity methods in all sciences. The latter three days will provide fundamental concepts of Graph Theory: simple graphs, digraphs, Eulerian and Hamiltonian graphs, trees, matchings, connectivity properties of graphs and connectivity problems on graphs, cuts, network flow problems, paths and cycles, graph colourings, the travelling salesman problem and planar graphs, and will introduce advanced methods in Graph Theory, including Dynamic graphs, Dynamic Graph Connectivity, temporal graphs, Spectral Graph Theory, Complex Dynamic Systems (structure and functions) and Networks Resilience.