ICG Seminar – 10 Oct 2019. Speaker: Dave Braines, IBM.

In this week’s ICG Seminar, Dave Braines from IBM talked about “Conversational Explanations – Explainable AI through human-machine conversation”. He described the space of Explainable AI with a particular focus on the role of the human users within the human-machine hybrid team, and whether a conversational interaction style is useful for obtaining such explanations quickly…

Gautham to receive a Scholarship from Laidlaw

Gautham has been awarded the Laidlaw Scholarship, which is an undergraduate research scholarship with elements of leadership training, funded by Lord Laidlaw. He is an undergrad student studying Maths and Computer Science under Natural Sciences, going into the second year. Gautham’s research is focused on the area of MOOCs and understanding student behavior on online…

Prof. Alexandra Cristea Keynotes at UKCI 2019

Professor Alexandra Cristea has presented keynotes entitled “Learning Analytics – where is it now and where is it going?” at the 19th Annual UK Workshop on Computational Intelligence. Alexandra has spoken about Learner Analytics within Computational discussing challenges, success stories, specific aims and goals in the context of education, and future developments. Some recent results…

Another “Best Full Paper Award” for ICG Group

“A Taxonomy of Game Elements for Gamification in Educational Contexts: Proposal and Evaluation” paper which was presented at The 19th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies – (ICALT 2019) has received the Bast Full Paper Ward. Congratulations for all co-authors on this achievement.  

Prof. Alexandra Cristea to Chair Panel at ICALT 2019

  Prof. Alexandra Cristea was invited to chair a panel discussion entitled “Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Intelligence and Machine Behaviour in Education” at The 19th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT 2019). The conference was held from 15-18 Jul 2019 and organized at the Federal University of Alagoas (UFAL). This run of ICALT covered…

Armando Maciel-Toda to Present a paper at EDM 2019

Armando Maciel-Toda from ICG group has attended and presented his paper earlier this month at the 12th International Conference on Educational Data Mining in Montreal, Canada. The conference covered several topics such as students’ affective and emotional states detection, learner interaction, gamification and student engagement modelling. Armando’s paper was entitled “Planning Gamification Strategies based on…

Tahani Aljohani to Receive The Best Presentation Award

Congratulations for Tahani Aljohani for receiving the best presentation award at ICIEI2019 conference which was held in Durham University last week. Tahani has presented her paper entitled  “Predicting Learners’ Demographics Characteristics: Deep Learning Ensemble Architecture for Learners’ Characteristics Prediction in MOOCs”.

ICIEI2019 at Durham University

The 4th International Conference on Information and Education Innovations (ICIEI 2019) was held in Durham University during July 10-12, 2019. ICIEI 2019 has featured several plenary speakers, invited speakers as well as peer-reviewed paper presentations. The conference was commenced with a keynotes session “Learner Analytics” by Prof. Alexandra Cristea.

Mohammad Alshehri Attending AIED 2019

Mohammad Alshehri attended and presented a poster entitled “Early Dropout Prediction for Programming Courses Supported by Online Judges” at the 20th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education AIED2019. The conference was held from 25-30 June 2019 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.