The Innovative Computing Group (ICG) is one of the two research groups in the Computer Science Department at Durham University. Whilst it has a wide span of research interests, overlapping interests include Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (deep and shallow), Data Analytics, novel applied research and its strong connection with industry (e.g., Microsoft, NVidia, Boots, Being, P&G, Dyson).

ICG has generated spin-offs (e.g., Intogral) and is also supplying all current REF impact cases. It is supported in its research by the modern NVidia CUDA GPU cluster

Main research areas include Image Processing, Data Science, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Adaptive, Personalised and Recommender Technologies, Human-centred Computing, Data Analytics Software Engineering, Health Informatics, Software Design; High Performance Computing: Scientific Computing.

Visit the Innovative Computing Group (ICG) webpage here. Previous information on some of the projects in ICG are also kept here. ICG has 20 staff members and 45 PhD students, and is expanding rapidly, so join our new team!

Our current research topics comprise:

  • Image Processing: Image Processing, Computer Vision, Multimedia, Bioimage Informatics
  • Data Science: Machine Learning, Scientific Computing, Natural Language Processing, Adaptive Technologies, E-Learning, E-Health, E-Web
  • Software Engineering: Evidence-based Software Engineering, Health Informatics, Software Design
  • High Performance Computing and Scientific Computing

ICG has currently 20 staff members and 45 PhD students. It is however a rapidly growing group, looking for new staff in applied areas of computer science, to join our vibrant community!