For Visitors in Need of a Visa

If you need a visa, you will need to apply for the right kind of visitor visa. Please check current visa categories and requirements with the U.K. Visas and Immigration Department.

Please contact your local consulate for the most accurate information, as the application process varies by location.

If your visa application is denied, please inform EMI in writing that you wish to cancel your registration and attach a copy of your visa denial.

A full refund will be issued if the cancellation notice is received by the deadline (March 23, 2020). No refunds will be made for cancellation requests received after March 23, 2020. Send cancellation requests to

Please file your visa paperwork as far in advance as possible to be eligible for a refund.

ASCE cannot intervene on behalf of the invitees with the U.K Embassy or Consulate via fax, phone, surface mail, or email.

Letter of Invitation

Registration must be completed and paid in full before a Letter of Invitation may be requested. A copy of your registration payment receipt must accompany your request.

Please be ready to provide your complete official name, date of birth, physical address, email address, and passport number (if available).

The Letter of Invitation will ONLY be sent by email to the email address that you provide. The Letter of Invitation cannot be emailed or sent to the U.K. Embassy or Consulate.

To request a Letter of Invitation, please contact us at