Shangtong Yang, University of Strathclyde
Mohamed Saafi, Lancaster University
Weiping Zhang, Tongji University
Chun-Qing Li, RMIT University

Corrosion of reinforced concrete structures has been the most significant problem affecting the durability of reinforced concrete structures and infrastructures. The aim of this mini-symposium is to showcase recent progress and advances in understanding the deterioration mechanism, modelling the degradation in mechanical and structural properties, monitoring the corrosion-affected performance of structures and infrastructures and developing new corrosion prevention techniques. This is an interdisciplinary topic and requires collective contribution of peers from a wide range of backgrounds and fields. Therefore, interdisciplinary research involving new experimental techniques and novel modelling methods are particularly welcomed.

Topics of Interest Include:

  • Corrosion deterioration characterization
  • Modelling of corrosion-induced degradation
  • Non-destructive and multi-scale experimental tests
  • Corrosion monitoring
  • Corrosion prevention and maintenance