Matthieu Vandamme, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech
Bernhard Pichler, TU Wien
Mathieu Bauchy, UCLA
Hervé Di Benedetto, University of Lyon, ENTPE

The objective of this symposium is to discuss recent advances in creep/relaxation science related to the field of engineering mechanics, including experiments, modeling, and simulation. All types of materials exhibiting a viscous behavior (geomaterials, granular materials, polymers, metals, glasses, …), all length scales (macroscopic, microscopic, molecular, …), and all time scales are welcome. Especially encouraged are contributions aiming at (i) identifying the physical mechanisms at the origin of creep or relaxation, (ii) integrating those physical mechanisms into material modeling (e.g. by upscaling) and into simulations of practical applications, and (iii) addressing important coupled problems in which creep/relaxation plays a role, e.g., in the context of transport processes in porous materials, of anisotropic materials, of ongoing chemical reactions, of temperature changes, of damage evolution and fracture propagation, etc.

Topics of Interest Include:

  • Multiscale and multiphase mechanics
  • Geomaterials, cement-based, granular and glassy materials
  • Mechanics of materials and material science
  • Viscoelasticity
  • Glass relaxation