Sadegh Nadimi, Newcastle University
Daniel Barreto, Edinburgh Napier University
Mohamed Rouania, Newcastle University
Stefano Utili, Newcastle University

During the last decade, significant advances have been achieved on various techniques for characterising and modelling particle shape in applications of particulate mechanics, such as geotechnical, chemical, pharmaceutical and agricultural engineering. Yet, there is no robust and efficient shape descriptors to be implemented in numerical codes that can represent bulk behaviour. This mini-symposium is devoted to characterisation and modelling techniques for representing the effect of particle shape in particulate mechanics. The mini-symposium seeks contributions related to 1) characterisation and classification techniques (e.g. tomography, laser scanning, interferometry, level-set method and fractal analysis), 2) modelling approaches (e.g. DEM, MPM, FEM, LEM, Peridynamics), 3) influence of particle shape on contact laws, and 4) bulk behaviour.

Topics of Interest Include:

  • Particle Shape Characterisation and Classification
  • Particle Shape in DEM, MPM, LEM, FEM, Peridynamics, etc.
  • Effect of Particle Shape on Contact Laws
  • Effect of Particle Shape on Bulk Behaviour