Matteo Icardi, The University of Nottingham
Savvas Triantafyllou, The University of Nottingham
Emilio Martínez-Pañeda, Imperial College London

There is an increasing interest in analytical and computational methods for studying the complex behaviour of porous media, including the coupling between solid mechanics and fluid dynamics processes. Of particular interest is the modelling of material behaviour across scales, with significant progress being achieved by the development of multi-scale methods. Nevertheless, there are still limited interactions and scientific exchanges between the fluid dynamics, porous media, and computational mechanics communities.

This mini-symposium will form a platform for idea exchange and knowledge dissemination vis-à-vis the latest developments in the field of numerical modelling of heterogeneous media. Recent advances on the simulation of damage in coupled fluid-transport mechanical processes for industrial and environmental applications are particularly welcomed. The mini-symposium aims at establishing a discussion forum for mathematicians, physicists, and engineers and at identifying associated research challenges.

Topics of Interest Include:

  • Poro- and geo-mechanics
  • Damage and fracture of brittle solids
  • Coupled flow, transport, and fluid-structure interaction in porous media
  • Data-driven and probabilistic techniques
  • Verification and validation of multiscale methods