Kit Windows-Yule, The University of Birmingham
Tony Rosato, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Kia Taghizadeh, University of Twente
Mahdia Hattab, Universite de Lorraine

Despite their ubiquity in both industry and nature, granular materials remain incompletely understood. Unlike classical media, for which there exist well-developed and widely accepted continuum models, a comprehensive theoretical framework for granular systems remains elusive.

As such, our current understanding of granular and multiphase systems relies heavily on experimental and numerical study, both to directly provide insight, and to test, validate and improve current theories.

In this minisymposium, we will present:

  1. New developments in the tools – both computational and experimental – used to better explore and understand granular media and multiphase systems.
  2. New experimental, numerical and theoretical results acquired using techniques both cutting-edge and well-established which further our knowledge of these systems.
  3. New theoretical works, in particular those using (or requiring) validation via experimental and/or numerical means.

In particular, we aim to bring together a wide, diverse and inter-disciplinary community of experimentalists, modellers and theorists so as to facilitate knowledge exchange, foster new multimodal collaborations, and generally advance our understanding of granular and multiphase systems.

Topics of Interest Include:

  • Granular and multiphase flows
  • Granular statics
  • Numerical modelling, including DEM, FEM, CFD, Monte Carlo and other methods which may be used to model granular and multiphase flows
  • Experimental methods for imaging and otherwise extracting data from granular and multiphase systems
  • Continuum theories of granular media