Harn Wei Kua, National University of Singapore
Rupert Myers, Imperial College London
Souradeep Gupta, National University of Singapore
Mohamad Sonebi, Queens University

The mechanics of building materials containing different types of waste materials, including biologically-derived materials, such as plant fibers or by-products of thermal decomposition of biomass (i.e., biochar), is an important topic of research and development in our quest for more sustainable construction. Studies have shown that materials containing these waste materials can have enhanced properties, such as improved water tightness, compressive strength, durability and noise absorption.

This minisymposium brings together different perspectives on how various biological and non-organic waste or alternate resources can be successfully incorporated to reduce the overall environmental impacts of building materials. This session welcomes a mix of experimental and theoretical works on a wide variety of topics.

Topics of Interest Include:

  • Mechanics of bio-based/biological or non-organic fibers in concrete or mortar
  • Noise propagation through bio-concrete
  • Multiphysics approaches to the study of concrete with waste-based additives
  • Biochar mortar and concrete