Ben Bridgens, Newcastle University
Nima Rahbar, MIT
Dana Ofiteru, Newcastle University
Enrico Masoero, Newcastle University
Giovanni di Luzio, Politecnico di Milano
Tony Jefferson, Cardiff University
Kevin Paine, University of Bath
Susanne Gebhard, University of Bath

The fast-paced changes in our society, economy and environment create demand for adaptable construction materials. Capabilities that are desirable range from adapting to harsher cycles of wind and rain, to drastically increasing durability in the context of recycling and reuse, to responding to the evolving needs of occupants over multiple timescales. This symposium aims to bring together scientists and designers working on various aspects of adaptable construction materials. The scope includes passive as well as active solutions, e.g. self-healing concrete, self-strengthening soil, and active materials. Contributions on mechanics-related applications of microbiology-enabled solutions are particularly encouraged. The symposium will ideally feature a combination of experimental and modelling techniques, from the microstructural scale of materials to the macro-scale of engineering applications.

Topics of Interest Include:

  • Responsive construction materials
  • Self-healing materials
  • Biotechnology in construction
  • Adaptive building envelopes