Mazdak Tootkaboni, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Alireza Asadpoure, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Stefan Szyniszewski, Durham University
Minh-Son Pham, Imperial College London

The ability to fabricate materials with defined architectures, or topologies, has created new opportunities for materials development. This mini-symposium will discuss the latest advancements in modeling, design, fabrication, characterization, and applications of architected materials, including but not limited to micro-lattices, multistable shape-reconfigurable materials, cellular materials, periodic materials, meta-materials and more complex material architectures, such as those that may be identified through topology optimization. All materials systems (metals, ceramics, polymers, etc.) and manufacturing processes (additive manufacturing, subtractive manufacturing, etc.) are of interest. Work related to computational methods for materials discovery and design optimization, characterization and modeling of uncertainty, multiphase material systems, and multifunctional materials are of particular interest, but any contribution related to architected materials is welcomed.

This MS is sponsored by the EMI Computational Mechanics and Probabilistic Mechanics Committees.